Placements Committee

Corporate Relations Office at GBO is managed jointly by the Course Co-ordinatiors, Faculty, Academic Associates and the Students. Placement Committee is a student body which is responsible for arranging corporate interactions, guest lectures and also conducting corporate meets. During the placement sessions, when companies visit the campus, all the activities are managed by the Placement Committee. Also, arrangement for facilities like pre-placement talks, group discussions and personal interviews are coordinated by members of the committee.

Placements Process

Companies are encouraged to visit the SRCC campus for the placement process, which includes pre-placement talks, GDs and interviews. GDs and interviews can be arranged on campus taking advantage of our interview rooms and other state-of-the-art facilities. Anytime during the year, career opportunities can be notified with a detailed job description at the mentioned email id. To optimize the process of recruitment and to deliver highest yield possible for a company's effort we have outlined a procedure that is practiced by the organizations and has the highest acceptance. Recruiters visit our campus for both summer internships and final placements.

Placement Report 2017 - 2018

Interim Placement Report 2018-19